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Sep 2004 - Ponderosa State Park - McCall ID

Jan and Roberta came up with a unique and very successful idea to cook individually prepared omlettes for everyone all at one time. They boiled them! Now who would ever think of that? But it worked and everyone was happy with the result.

This picture was taken as breakfast was being cleared from the tables.

The following morning Vic and Yvonne hosted an impromptu pancake breakfast.

Of course there were always games. Some people get serious about their games. For the rest of us it is always a learning experience.

Marvin and Pat were gracious enough to invite everyone over to their house for a backyard BBQ. That was a treat. Who doesn't enjoy the company of good friends, BBQ cooked the way you like it, and generous helpings of pot luck. The hosts were a joy to be with.

As you can see their driveway and the neighboring side street was full with our trucks.

After the BBQ there were more games. Can you believe how serious we can get over "Skip Bo"?
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