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Daily Chuckle


An elderly retired couple were driving down the East coast, when they stopped in Georgia for a fuel stop. The elderly woman was very hard of hearing, and usually asked her husband to repeat everything.

An elderly station attendent came to the car and started filling the fuel tank. Making idle talk, he asked if the man liked the weather, to which the man replied, "very much".

What'd he say?, asked the woman. "He asked if I like the weather, and I told him yes", replied her husband.

"Where are you-all headed", asked the attendant. "Oh, we're going to Jacksonville", he repied.

"What'd he say?", asked the woman. "He asked where we're going, and I told him to Jacksonville", the husband replied.

"Where are you-all from", inquired the attendant a few moments later.

"Oh, we're from Maine," the man replied. "Ah, I was in Maine for two years while I was in the Air Force, replied the attendant. In fact, I dated a girl from Maine while I was there. It didn't last long though. I have to tell you, this girl was the worst cook I ever knew."

"What'd he say?" inquired the woman.

"He said he thinks he knows you," replied her husband.

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