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Forming and History of T-Totaler Good Sams

By: Delores Barton
July 1988

The T-Totaler Sams Club was organized in June 1978. We are a group of Christian Believers forming to have fellowship with RVer's who love to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors.

We had four couples at our first meeting with Harold Graham. We read the by-laws, ect. about the National organization and about the different chapters. We wanted to organize a non-drinking, non-smoking chapter. We met in the Provident Federal building the first few meetings.... until we voted to meet in our homes.

Attending and joining at the first meeting were the following: Stan & Carol Bates, Dick & Edna Smith, Ed & Frances Striegel and Glenn & Delores Barton. Our dues are $5.00 per year per couple with $1.00 going to the national office. They are due the first of January and no later than April 1st. We voted to meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month for our business and pot-luck.

We have our camp-outs from April to September on the 4th weekend of each month. Edna Smith designed our T-Totaler Sam emblem for our vests. Our colors are orange with brown trim. The benefits for forming a Good Sams chapter are: Maps available, insurance rates are good, Samborees and Caravans, with all arrangements made for all trips, 10% off on camping supplies, gas saving discount at parks, discount for Trailer and Trailer Life magazines.

We are a group of people that help all we can whatever the need. We purchased a stove for a widow and her family, provided food one Thanksgiving and Christmas. We've helped the Boise Rescue Mission several times. Our daughter and family were sent a Love Offering when they arrived in the states and some household items were given too. We've helped the Wilsons (a retired minister with limited funds) at Christmas time and others as the need arises.

We had two couples join our group in August 1978, Marvel & Margaret Ginther, Leon and Viola Withron, Merl & Eileen Martinsen in 1978, Ash & Yulla Mae Broom and Marvin & Eileen Cerbin in October in 1978. Betty & Dale Cowley and Tres & Margaret Tresenwriter in March of 1979. Don & Hazel Groff, July 1982, Paul & Marguerite Charters and John & Iva Edmunson, September 1982. We didn't seem to add any for a while. Several of our couples moved away - Smiths moved to Donnelly, Cowleys to Cascade, Ginthers to Nampa and Withrows also moved.

In the winter of November 1982, Bartons and Smiths started going to Arizona for the winters. We arrive back home late April or early May. In April 1986, Dean and Kathleen Repp joined us - then Riley and Florence Curtright in April 1987. Melvin & Marilyn Evans October 1987, Jesse & Emma Biggers Fegruary 1988 and Roy & Edna Kendall in March 1988. We are so pleased with all our new members. WELCOME

We have Secret Pals throught the year, and in 1980, Carol & Stan Bates were our Secret Pals, so Glenn whittled them the car and trailer (emblem) and has gradually whittled one for each new couple. He spends many hours in the Winter in Arizona whittling which he enjoys very much. The Secret Pals are revealed at our Christmas Party which several couples have hosted in our homes. Most of the time the Brooms hold it in their lovely home in South Boise.

Oh, I must add that we have two honorary members that don't have a rig, but enjoy our fellowship so we welome Carol Warnock and Ivy Casey. They joined us in April 1986.

The last 10 years, this group of Christians have been drawn closer together in our love for Christ and one another through much sickness and sorrow. We've seen God answering prayer, strengthening, encouraging each one through our prayer chain and our love for each one and all our needs.

The past couple of years in the Winter, when there is no campout, there is either a breakfast or coffee meeting the 4th Saturday of the month. We want to welcome all of our newer members to our group. If we can be of help in any way, be sure to let us know. Our prayer chain is busy everyday to pray for the sick. We have several in need of prayer, and Gods presence with them at these testing times..... Charters, Brooms, Smiths, Groffs, Grandma Casey, Carol Warnock, Iva Edmunson. There may be others that I'm not aware of. Also the Repps as they are serving in Taiwan for 6 months.

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