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May, 2006 - Homedale Idaho

Our May outing was at the Snake River RV park in Homedale. It was close to home but was a very pretty place to camp out. The river was high at first. Early arrivers had to put up with rain and wind. But during the regular scheduled trip the weather couldn't have been better.

Catfish were plentiful. We also caught Carp and Suckers. We left the Bass and Sturgeon in the river.

We started lining up the RVs on the row nearest the river.

Then added more on the two rows behind. All-in-all we had 14 rigs turn out.

Norm was one of the early birds. He caught several channel cats on his first day. These two were keepers on Monday.

Dale provided advice on how to filet a catfish.

Betty let Bruce set up the motorhome while she rushed down to the river to start fishing.

The carp were jumping right out of the river.

Betty landed that one. But she released him to catch again later.

Some folks just soaked up the sun.

While others tried their luck.

Judy decided to go it alone.

The wildlife was plentiful, especially the Red-wing Blackbirds displaying their talents along the river bank.

The "end-of-the-day" was never quite the end of the day on this outing. Many of us fished until close to midnight.
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