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2005 - Hagerman

We elected to start the season a month early this year. Our first outing was in April. We went to Hagerman. We had originally planned to go to Three Island Crossing but just couldn't get the arrangements made.

One of our side trips was to the Hagerman Pottery Barn. This photo is taken from their deck looking upstream on the Snake River. The house at the top of the hill is reported to be the only Frank Lloyd Wright designed structure in Idaho. Click here for more information.

Two of our favorite members. Tony and Dale posing on the Snake River.

We were fortunate to be there during one of the few times of the year when they are releasing water into the Malad River.

A few of the group on the side-trip to the Malad River dam.

That evening we all had dinner at a restaurant in Hagerman. The couple closest to the camera are Charlie and Linda, friends of John and Judy Shaffer.

The following day we visited Shoshone Falls.

The text on this postcard says, "Niagara of the West". The Snake River plunges 212 feet, 52 feet more than Niagara. The Falls are 1,000 feet wide. Located a few miles east of the city of Twin Falls.

This is the view we saw looking downstream from the falls.

Another view above the falls including the butte.

Some of the bunch who drove up to Shoshone Falls

Friday afternoon we went to Thousand Springs. An abundance of natural springs gush from the steep canyon walls and cascade into the river below. The water source is the Snake River Plains Aquifer, one of the largest groundwater systems in the world. It creeps through an area of several thousand square miles under southern Idaho's porous volcanic rock before emerging from the springs in the cliffs. Today, hydroelectric projects divert some of the water. That is why you won't see literally a "Thousand Springs." However, it is still an impressive sight.

I took this photo from across the river. It may not be too impressive but it shows how the springs emerge from the hillside.

One more shot of the springs. Looks like a waterfall doesn't it!

I have to show a picture of the games. We had private access to the meeting room for luncheons, games, and any other private activities. There is a pinochle game in the foreground and a Mexican Train game going on in the background.

Finally, Marvin and Pat got a new motorhome. This is their first outing with it.
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