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Minutes for: September 29, 2022

Golden Corral

Meeting called to order: President Ron Agenbroad called the meeting to order at 2:05 pm. Marilynn Harris offered Grace and Darrell Harris led the Pledge of Allegiance. There were about 20 members present.

Secretary's Report: the minutes of the August meeting as on the website were accepted as posted.

Treasurer's Report: Ron McFadden reported that the current bank balance was $689.20. There are outstanding checks that haven't cleared so the actual balance is $563.79. Dues are due by October 31.

Birthdays: Janet Avent, Brad Gates, Maxine Laird and Sandy Hill.

Anniversaries: Bob and Janell Stephenson

Compassionate Services: Marilyn Fredericks is in the hospital; Ross DeLong is home again.

Ron asked Secretary Suzanne Craig to lead the meeting as he had to leave.

Wagon Master Report: Marilyn reported on the campout in Glenn's Ferry. She reported that there were 8 rigs and we had a hamburger cook-out with strawberry shortcake, ate a delicious lunch at the Senior Citizens Center, toured the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, ate finger foods and banana splits followed by a bonfire, had a bring your own breakfast (except Carolyn brought homemade biscuits and gravy for everyone), toured the Glenn's Ferry Historical Museum and enjoyed food and hot fudge sundaes at the Fudge Factory Grill. Some fishing, no catching.
The Emmett southwest Idaho Campout was held Sept 21-24. It was reported that the street fair was better than ever. Ken Tetrault encouraged members to support this camp-out which has been going on for 35 years. Price will increase to $30 in 2023. It was suggested that this event be considered our September Campout.
Kathy Haynes reported on the state Fall Round-up in Jerome. 21 rigs participated, ten of which were from Time To Travel. The new name of the state organization was announced as "RVers of Idaho" with the website being and .org.
Eldona volunteered to serve another year as director until the Fall Round-up in 2023 when there be an election. Nominees for director should be sent to Larry Hobdey by June. Eldona has removed all references to Good Sam from the current state standing rules and they are posted on the website. Go to the state website to review the revised documents so we can offer comments.
A new state logo will be chosen in January. Anyone wanting to submit a design should send it to Eldona by January 1, 2023.
New state colors were approved: red and white with some blue. There is work to acquire a 5 year contract for the summer camp-out. Our chapter is one of 3 who will share hosting for the summer of 2023. We are responsible for hospitality, the Saturday night banquet and indoor and outdoor games.
Old Business: none

New Business: the new president will be appointing a wagon master in October so we can plan and confirm camping reservation early in the year. Anyone interested should be ready to volunteer. Members present were asked to submit their ideas for camping in 2023. Suggestions were: Snake River/Hells Canyon, Wagonhammer in Salmon, Lake Owyhee Park Oregon, Pollock Canyon Pines, Regina, Nat-su-pay in Twin Falls, Snake River Rv Homedale, Garden Valley, Cascade on the River, Cascade Clear Creek, Cascade Arrowhead, Bully Creek, Three Island Crossing, Ponderosa, Lg CG McCall, McCall RV Resort, Cascade State Park, Mt. Home RV, Looking Glass PowWow Aug 18-29 Kamiah, Farragut/Bayview, Mt. View RV Baker, Oregon Trail CG Twin Falls, Catfish Junction, Wild Horse Pendleton, Caldwell RV.

Alan Christopherson, Ken Tetrault and Marilynn Harris were appointed as the Nominating Committee. They will announce a slate of officers at the October meeting.
The chapter discussed a place to hold future meetings: KOA or Golden Corral. The group like both for different reasons but the majority like KOA for meetings. The preferred time is 1 o'clock.
A volunteer is needed to coordinate the chapter's winter activities in January, February and March.
With the beginning of a new phase for our chapter, there was a discussion of a potential new name and an update of colors and logo. The name "Time to Travel" was unanimously kept; a committee was appointed to discuss chapter 'branding' updates like logo, modernizing Chapter colors, etc:
Carolyn Agenbroad, Jerry Robertson and Julie Gates.
The Standing Rules Revision committee, Darrell Harris, Tim Haskell and Suzanne Craig, will resume their work considering the new State organization.

State Business: see Kathy Haynes report on the Fall Round-up above.

Announcements or Business From The Floor: the November meeting will be November 10, a pot luck Thanksgiving meal at 1 pm at the KOA. A coordinator is needed. Susan Buxton, Director of Idaho Parks and Recreation, will be invited to attend and speak.
The December meeting will be December 8, a catered Christmas meal at the KOA..

Next Meeting: the next meeting will be October 28 with the election of Officers on the agenda.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Craig and Monica Tetrault, Secretary


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