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Minutes for: July 21, 2022

Golden Corral, Boise

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 by President Ron Agenbroad.
The blessing on the food was offered by Marilyn Harris.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ron Agenbroad.
Secretary's Report: The minutes of the last meeting as posted on the Time To Travel site were approved. No corrections were noted.
Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer's report is the same as last month, $594.20 The chapter is out of checks and none have been ordered due to a possible name change. There are bills to be paid. Several people suggested using "Bill Pay"; blank checks can be printed at the bank for no cost if you just need a few. Ron Agenbroad said to go ahead and order them with "Time to Travel," omitting Sams.
Darrell Harris gave the Birthday and Anniversary reports:
07/21 Kathy Haynes
07/25 Pam Brassfield
07/25 Warren Hill
07/27 Bob Brassfield
08/16 Larry Laird
08/17 Gary Warr
08/19 Bev Bullock
08/19 Kathy Jones
08/25 Bonnie Haskell
07/31 Ed and Kathy Jones
08/03 Warren and Sandy Hill
08/08 Darrell and Marilynn Harris
08/24 Jack and Kathy Haynes
Compassionate Services: Roberta McFadden said Tim Haskell had been in the hospital and was now out and doing well. Rick Chason is waiting to have surgery on his knee after his accident in Hagerman.
Wagonmaster Report: Kathy Jones gave a report on Union Creek campout. We had sloppy joes on Tuesday night furnished by Marilyn Fredricks & Scott Dowdle with side dishes furnished by the rest of the group. Wednesday we had bag omelets with fruit and rolls furnished by the group. We played games in the afternoon. Thursday was a BIG BOY SCOUT foil dinner with cobbler. Several birthdays were celebrated with special cake and ice cream. Fun was had by all!
Up coming campout to Challis: See the Forum for the details of the campout. So far we have 8 rigs going.
Old Business: NO MORE NATIONAL GOOD SAM as of December 31, 2022
Ron shared the information Eldona gave us at the Samboree in Glenn's Ferry. It showed the pros and cons of organizing an independent State Organization.
Several people spoke on why they wanted a State organization and what it used to be like.
Bob Brassfield: A state organization is the glue that holds the chapters together.
Monica: we make lots of friends from all over the state.
Ron McFadden stated there is a national group FMCA (family motor coach association).
Larry Craig talked about the positives of having a state organization from a political stand point. If we want more campgrounds and to improve the ones we currently have we need to join forces with other groups like the Jeep clubs and Motorcycle groups. We need to reinvent ourselves as a state organization. Larry spoke to the Director of Idaho State Parks and Recreation, Susan Buxton. She talked about plans for the future including additional parks. 2020-2021 brought lots of folks buying RV's. Campgrounds are full most of the time and it's hard to get reservations.
We need a NEW NAME for the state organization. Send your ideas to Ron Agenbroad or Eldona by the end of the July. Suggestions made during the meeting:
Jerry: Gem State RV and Camping Club
Jack: Idaho Camping Experience
Ron McFadden talked about the Capitol Gypsies chapter and why they voted "NO" to joining the state organization. Brad talked about the new RV park in McCall and organizing other groups to join a state recreation organization. Bob Brassfield said this was a golden opportunity for the state organization to reorganize and enhance the Idaho camping experience. Larry Craig said the new name should be broad enough represent everyone with an interest in camping.
Bob France commented on so many folks using campers to live in full time. It was noted they can live in them full time in private parks but not in State of Federal campsites where they have a 14 day limit. With so many new people moving into Idaho, the housing market just doesn't allow them to be able to easily rent or buy a home.
The majority of the members present agreed to belong to a State organization and to keep the Time to Travel group intact.

State Business: The Fall Roundup will be in Jerome. A silent auction will be held. Monica is in charge and wants new or slightly used items. Remember, you won't get as much money as you think they are worth out of the items. It is for fun and the proceeds will be donated. Proceeds will NOT go into the general fund.

Announcements or Business From The Floor: Emmett Campout date is in question, in September. Check the Forum for any updates to campouts changes.

Next Meeting: August meeting will be August 25, 2022. Watch the website for location and be sure to note if you are attending.

Respectfully submitted,

Monica Tetrault, Acting Secretary


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