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Changes Approved and Adopted October, 2019

  1. The chapter shall be known as the Time To Travel Sams chapter of the Good Sam Club and shall adopt the Good Sam Club's constitution.
  2. Only members in good standing may address the Chapter on matters of policy.
  3. Election of Officers
    • An officer may be elected to not more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.
    • At the regular meeting held in September, a nominating committee of three (3) members shall be appointed by the President. It shall be the duty of the committee to nominate candidates for offices at the October Meeting. Any additional nominations from the floor for candidates for all offices will also take place at the October Meeting. Once nominations have been closed, election of officers will be held. Those elected to office will be installed to their respective positions during the October meeting.
    • Candidates must be present to accept the nomination, or acceptance in writing, by the candidate, must be presented to indicate his or her willingness to take the office, if elected.
    • Officers shall be elected by secret ballot to serve for one (1) year or until their successor is elected, and their term of office shall begin at the close of the annual meeting at which they are elected. The outgoing officers shall turn over all records and inventory in their possession to the newly elected officers at the close of the annual meeting.
    • Should none of the offices be contested, a member other than a nominee can ask that all nominees presented for office be unanimously elected to the positions for which they have been nominated rather than using an official ballot.
    • Only active members are eligible to hold office. (An active member must have his or her dues current.)
    • Upon retiring, the President automatically becomes a member of the Board of Directors for one term only.
    • In case of resignation or other vacancy in the Board of Directors, or an office, the President shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired term with the approval of the Board of Directors.
    • There shall be only one (1) official ballot for the election of Officers and Directors, which shall contain all the names of those candidates duly nominated according to the provisions of the "Standing Rules". The ballot shall be prepared in due time by the nominating committee for use at the election of Officers and Directors.
  4. The chapter uniform will be a blaze orange vest trimmed in medium brown. The official Time to Travel patch will be attached to the back of the upper portion of the vest.
  5. Members should be agreeable with faith based principles and prayer.
  6. There is to be no use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or foul language used in any of our meetings.
  7. In the event of the loss of a member's spouse, or if one or both of the spouses becomes physically unable to participate in Chapter activities with no good indication of recovery, but wishes to continue membership in the National Good Sam Club, the term "associate" may be used. A fee of $1.00 per person annually will be assessed to be used by the local Chapter only. An Associate will not have a vote in the local Chapter.
  8. No member can commit the Time to Travel Chapter to any expenditure or project without prior approval of the membership.
  9. Chapter campouts will normally begin on Tuesday of the second week of each camping month, and return on Friday. In Winter, members will meet for potlucks, lunch or activities on the second Thursday. On the fourth Thursday members will meet for breakfast or dinner and a Chapter meeting.
  10. Dues are collected annually, due and payable at the October meeting. Dues shall be evaluated each September and adjusted if necessary.
  11. A compassionate service gift will be given to any member who has spent at least one night in the hospital. This will consist of a gift costing no more than $25.
  12. Our President will be reimbursed for his/her registration fee for the state spring and fall meetings. The President will also be reimbursed for our State Samboree registration. If the President is unable to attend the state spring or fall meeting, a proxy will be chosen to attend and will be reimbursed for his/her registration.
  13. To become a member of the Time To Travel Sams, potential members must meet two requirements. They must be members in good standing of the National Good Sam Club, and they should show interest and enthusiasm in the local Chapter by attending at least three Chapter functions. A copy of the Standing Rules will be given to potential members at the first function attended. If the third function attended is a regular meeting, a vote by closed ballot will be taken during the meeting to determine acceptance as a member. Otherwise a vote will be taken at the next regular meeting. Once the ballots have been counted, the new member will be officially welcomed into the Chapter, or they will be told at the end of the meeting that they were not accepted for membership.
  14. For functions of the Time to Travel Chapter requiring reservations, the attending member will be required to make and pay for their own reservations.

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