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June 9-12 2011
Grangeville Idaho

The Samboree took place on the high school campus.

Time To Travel had 8 rigs caravaning to the Samboree.

Some of the ladies went shopping downtown and stopped for a picture.

Between rain storms we played outdoor games.

The tractor rodeo was fun. The driver is blindfolded
and given silent instructions from his or her teammate.

Gregg and Kathy showed off their driving skills.
"Oops! Was that a pylon I just ran over?"

Sharon and Denice were disqualified for talking.

We took a field trip to St. Gertrude's Museum in Cottonwood.

Upon arrival we were met by the curator and given a warm welcome.

Back on campus we played more games.

Time to Travel and the Bluebirds were tied in the last inning until Gordon hit a home run.

The Grangeville High School Choir entertained us one evening.

We honored our departed friends by releasing a baloon for each one.

Later, we held a patriotic theme parade. All of the participants dressed in red, white and blue.

Larry and Maxine opened the Good Sam store every day.

Scott looked in on one of the vendor demonstrations.

The dutch oven cook-off was very popular this year.
There was enough food so that some lucky folks got second samples.

Sharon brought her flag to be retired by the Military Chapter.

A banquet concluded this year's Idaho Samboree.

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