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President's Newsletter

October 2017

Ken Tetrault

I must apologize for being negligent in putting out the newsletter for the past few months. It seems like whenever I thought of writing one I wasn't near a computer. Anyway this past summer was full of enjoyable campouts and other events.

The August meeting at the Christopherson's was interesting with the first rainstorm in months coming through, but was a good time in spite of the weather. We had a really good time at the Samboree(rally) in Coeur d'Alene, and the Fall Roundup in Jerome.

Our chapter camping trips were also very fun, sorry Monica and I missed Wallowa Lake. The trip to Ponderosa was full of fun activities, (sorry about the mixup Alan and Judy).

Remember our meetings for November and December are the second Thursday instead of the fourth. November will be the 9th and December the 14th.

Thank You to all the prayers and well wishes from all of you while I was in the hospital last month.

Welcome to our new president, Ron McFadden. I will be the vice president and Roberta and Janelle have graciously agreed to continue as secretary and treasurer. Judy will continue to be our Wagonmaster for the coming year. Anyone who would like to be an assistant Wagonmaster for any of the campouts let Judy know. If you are asked to help out in that capacity please do if at all possible. We also need someone to be our co-ordinator for the winter activities For Jan-March of 2018. If you would like to take that on let Ron know.


Ken Tetrault

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