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Thursday, Aug 26 - 11:30
Fuller Park, Meridian
(there will be no July meeting)

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President's Newsletter

July 2021

Marilynn Harris

Time to Travel will skip our July meeting. We will not have a monthly meeting in July. Our next meeting will be in Fuller Park again on August 26th to finalize our trip to Joseph, Oregon. Bonnie and Tim, and Carolyn and Ron are the Assistant Wagon masters for that trip.

Most of our group met at the beginning of June for the Meet and Greet in Glenns Ferry, then we went on to Three Island Crossing for a few more days of camping. We held our June meeting on June 17th at Fuller Park, then we enjoyed the Mystery Trip to Pendleton, Oregon with the Capitol Gypsies. It has been a very busy summer so far.

Some of our members are traveling over the fourth and then our Time to Travel group will journey to Arco on the 13th of July. Monica and Ken will send out an e-mail with information needed for the Arco trip. Looking forward to their famous rib dinner on Wednesday night.

Please remember Sandy Hill, Linda Robertson and Kathy Haynes with upcoming doctor visits and surgeries.

Summertime is here! We are all truly blessed.
Marilynn Harris

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