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February 22, 2018
Idaho Pizza
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President's Newsletter

February 2018

Ron McFadden

Wow!!!! Have you been enjoying this January weather? In checking back our low has been 18 degrees (the first couple of days of January) and the high has been 58 degrees. Yeah, we had a couple of cooler weeks due to the inversions, but we have also had several days in the upper 40s and approaching 50 degrees. We can kind of give those Snowbirds a bad time. While the weather hasn't been quite as warm as they have had it, it sure hasn't been bad, and we haven't had the wind that I hear they have had. After hearing that we were going to have another winter like we had last year, I think this has been a pretty good winter for us. Now if we can just get thru February, we will be ready to go camping soon.

And speaking of camping, our first outing at Three Island State Park in April is coming together nicely. We have confirmations from both the Caldwell and the Kuna chapters that they will be joining us. I noted that several reservations have been made at the campground. So it looks like we are going to have a good turnout. If you have any ideas on what you would like to do as a group, please pass them on to Judy Christopherson, our Wagonmaster.

Also, the registration form for the Samboree to be held in Blackfoot in June is available. So you might be thinking about attending. The District 7 Assistant Directors have been working on this function for the last two years. So there should be lots of things to do. A schedule of activities is not available yet, but will be posted soon on the state website. Be sure to keep watching the state website. And remember that our chapter will be going to Heise Hot Springs in Ririe immediately following the Samboree. So this will be an opportunity to spend two weeks having lots of fun and going to a place that we have not been to before.

At our January meeting I talked about the need to get reservations made for some of the outings we have planned. As the summer approaches many of these places will be filling up. Several spots have already been reserved for the Three Island State Park outing. Chuck Orvis has ten spots reserved for the Wagonhammer R V Park outing in North Fork in July. To date only three rigs have utilized these reservations. If you plan to go on that outing, either make your reservations soon, or contact Chuck to indicate that you are planning to attend the outing. The campground has contacted Chuck to see if we are going to use all of the reservations since they have other groups wanting to come in, and they need to know how much space they have available. At some point soon we will need to release the reservations not spoken for, or we may have to pay for the spots that are unused. I don't think we want to do that. So please let Chuck know what your plans are. This is a beautiful area to see, and as a group we have never gone there.

In mid January we had a great tour of the Scentsy building and its operations in Meridian. I was somewhat disappointed in that we did not get to tour the production part of the facilities. But with liability issues, we were not allowed to see that area. They really have a nice world headquarters building, currently the highest building in Meridian. And it certainly looks like they have some good working conditions. They have a really great cafeteria with a multitude of choices to eat. In fact, we even saw some outsiders sitting at a table playing games. So anyone is welcome to eat there and it is open most of the day. Prices are pretty reasonable compared to other places in town.

Remember next month we will be going to Larry and Maxine Laird's for games. They will be providing us with more information soon which will be posted on our webpage.

To all our Snowbirds, we are missing you.

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