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April 27 Meeting
6PM at the KOA

President's Newsletter

February 2017

Ken Tetrault

Well this milder weather sure is a welcome change, snow is almost all melted. Thought that day would never come. I hope everyone fared well over the winter. Those who got away before the big snow don't know what you missed. HAHA.

We can start to plan our campouts for 2017 now. Our tentative dates are;

19-23 Apr Spring Fling at Glenns Ferry
23-25 Apr Three Island Crossing (Glenns Ferry)
9-12 May Farewell Bend
14-18 June Samboree Coeur D'Alene
25-30 June Wallowa Lake
29July-4 Aug Ponderosa (McCall)
Sep(TBD) Fall Roundup Jerome
Sep Redwoods (Bob Brassfield)
3-8 Oct Southwest Idaho Campout Emmett

We would like to see as many of you as possible at these activities they are so much fun and the more the merrier. We have been asked to assist with decorating at the spring fling, and anyone interested in volunteering to help can contact Kathy Haynes, as she will be our chairperson for this. If she should ask for help , please be willing to help.


Ken Tetrault

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