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June 28, 2018 - 6:00 p.m.

President's Newsletter

June 2018

Ron McFadden

Are we having fun yet? I know I sure am. I've been on two camp outs this year and feel like the summer is already slipping away from me. We have four campouts left, and that is not nearly enough.

Our last camp out in Hells Canyon was great due to the diligent planning of our Wagonmaster, Judy Christopherson. She arranged for a tour of the Oxbow dam and also of the fish hatchery, both of which were very interesting. Then we spent a day at Halfway, Oregon, having lunch and looking the town over. Who would have thought we might find exotic birds in Halfway, Oregon. But following our ears to the chirp of some special birds we located two parrots in the back yard of some folks who lived there, and they also had another bird which was possibly a McCaw. These small towns will often times produce some strange and interesting things.

Our next big event is the State Samboree, June 5th thru the 9th. If you thought you met a lot of nice people at our Three Island camp out, the state meeting will have people attending from all over the state as well as several from Nevada, one couple from Washington, one couple from California and a couple from Canada. Plus there is all kinds of fun to be had at the state meeting such as playing lots of different kinds of games, attending educational seminars and looking at the products on display by various vendors, showing the kinds of things that we as RVers just can't do without. And there will be two nights of great entertainment along with a couple of meals. Not only is the food great, but you can also socialize with those sitting next to you.

Following the Samboree our chapter will be going to Heise Hot Springs. Sherry Warr, the Assistant Wagonmaster for this event, tells us of some very interesting events that happened in the area and there are several things to do in the park such as swim in the hot springs, go down the water slide, or ride the zip line. It is quite close to the Samboree location and will be an opportunity for us to go some place that we have not been as a group. I wish all of our members were going.

We continue to bring new members into our group which is great. Unfortunately some of our members are encountering some health problems which is curtailing their activities with us. So while we can't replace these long term members, we can bring some new folks into the group to show them what a good time we have and show them what they have been missing by not being a part of us. So keep bringing friends, relatives and neighbors to the meetings and outings. That is where our new members come from.

See you all in Blackfoot.

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