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Alan & Judy Christopherson
2995 N Merlot Pl
Star, Idaho
Aug 23, 2018 - 6:00 p.m.

President's Newsletter

August 2018

Ron McFadden

How about this weather we have been having? It certainly has been plenty warm to try to get out and enjoy any camping unless one can find some higher elevations where it might be a little cooler. But guess we had better enjoy the weather while it is here because before very long we will be complaining about the cold. With all the recent fires around the state, smoke is becoming a real problem. So we have to pick our camping locations carefully to hopefully avoid the smoke as much as possible.

However we have had some really good outings this summer. Those not attending have missed out on some good camaraderie, good food, great scenery and learning some history about this great state that we live in. We have also had some time to socialize with each other and to get better acquainted by relating some of our personal experiences. I think it has been a great year and we have gotten a lot of participation from our new members.

Do you realize we only have two chapter outings left this year, August and September? Seems like it wasn't that long ago that we were at Three Island State Park on our first outing of the year, and now the year is about over. In addition to the two outings left, you need to plan on attending the Fall Roundup in Glenns Ferry in September and also the Southern Idaho campout in Emmett in early October. Then for those not going South for the winter it will be time to winterize our rigs and get ready for colder weather. Some place along the line I must have blinked because it sure seems like the year has gone by way too fast.

Thank you Chuck and Althea Orvis for coordinating our last outing in July at Wagonhammer in Salmon. While it was a little warm, I think everyone had a good time and the scenery was beautiful. All seemed to have a good time playing games and sight seeing. Jerry and I even did a little geocaching.

The next event will be in Cascade at Water's Edge. This has always been a good location for an outing and it sounds as though we will have several rigs attending. I'm sure Denice, Helen and Janelle will be keeping us busy, and as usual there will be some great food.

Our August meeting will be a potluck to be held in the back yard of Judy and Allen Christophersons at 6:00 p.m. The address is on the Time to Travel web page. Hope to see everyone there.

All of you need to start thinking about who you would like to have as officers for the chapter during the coming year. At the September meeting a volunteer nominating committee needs to be determined to propose prospective candidates for office at the October meeting. Elections will be held at the October meeting. Being an officer is not all that difficult. It primarily involves coordinating the activities of the chapter and keeping the membership informed of upcoming events. People working together makes the job of being an officer much easier. So please consider accepting an office, or give thought to a person whom you would like to lead our group in the coming year.

Because of the need to make reservations for some of our outings as early as possible, you also need to be thinking about places you would like to go next year. Please turn any suggestions you may have in to our Wagonmaster, Judy Christopherson. Hopefully we can have the outings for next year determined by December so that if early reservations need to be made, our snowbirds will know about the locations before they leave town.

See you all at the August meeting at the Christopherson's.

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