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President's Newsletter

April 2018

Ron McFadden

Spring is here!!!!!! I know it is because the TV said it is. And that means it is time to get those RVs out and loaded and ready to hit the road. The first place to hit the road would be to attend our first outing of the year at Three Island State Park in April. The last I checked most all of the spaces were reserved on the lower level at Three Island Crossing. Judy Christopherson and the wagon masters from the other two chapters have a great agenda lined out for us. And yes, they even allowed for some time to eat. So we are ready to see all of you in Glenns Ferry at the state campground to have some fun.

Our outing in May will be in Hells Canyon, and we have learned that reservations can now be made at any of the Idaho Power campgrounds. In December our members voted to go to Copperfield campground which is on the Oregon side of the Snake River down river from the Woodhead campground. Later I had heard there were some who did not want to go that far. So after further discussion at the March meeting, it was decided that we had originally voted to go to Copperfield, and some of our members have already made reservations there. So to ensure that we are all camped close together, reservations need to be made at the Copperfield campground around space # 38. That is located on the lower level of the campground and should have a good view of the river. That outing is scheduled for May 8th thru the 10th which should be after it warms up but before it gets too hot in the canyon.

Chuck Orvis had previously reserved 10 sites for the July campout at Wagonhammer. The last I heard all but two have been reserved. The owners of the campground are now back and are inquiring as to whether we are going to use those sites. So we will be having to release the unused sites soon. If you wish to go to Wagonhammer with the group, you need to grab one of these sites. I have not been to the campground, but I know that this is a beautiful part of Idaho, and it is a place that we have never been to before as a group.

For those of you who missed the March outing to JUMP, you really missed out on an interesting tour. Luckily our tour guide was the person who works on all the tractors that are on display. And he knew all about them inside and out. He restores each one back to running condition and can tell you the history of the time when each was built. He also showed us the various rooms called studios which are designed for various functions. One studio was designed to teach and/or practice dancing, one was for recording and broadcasting. In fact, we were told that a TV show could be broadcast from that room if necessary. And still another studio was equipped with wood working tools of all kinds. I would suggest that no expense had been spared in designing and equipping these studios, or in designing the building. The architecture is truly amazing. After spending two hours on the tour, we decided it was time to go to dinner, and we had only covered possibly half of what there was to see. Perhaps another time we can schedule a time to see the rest of the building.

Some of our snowbirds have returned home. I would expect the rest to return in April. Hopefully we will see them either at an upcoming outing, or at a meeting. We have missed all of them. Let's welcome them all back to the group.

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