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Bruneau Dunes State Park - 2016

Our May campout was at Bruneau Dunes. We also visited the interpretive museum at Three Island Crossing.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year. But unpredictable! We had glorious days. And we has windy glorious days. But on the positive side, the wind is what makes the sand dunes look different from one visit to the next.

Sunsets are nice too. But where are all the people? Playing games I'll bet.

One day we helped the park staff by painting a weathered fence surrounding the yurt parking area.

Turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

A group of us went over to Three Island Crossing to visit the Interpretive Center.

Sherry helped one of the pioneers cook dinner on the old Oregon Trail.

Monica, Ken and Sherry paused for the camera.

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